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The Return of Color


Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, petite emerald leaves are filling the trees, and the grass is turning from brown to green. Color has arrived, not only in nature, but in the stores as well. That’s right, this year color is in. Bright colors that we haven’t seen since the 80’s are back. Fuchsias, electric blues, turquoise, and sunny yellows line the shelves and racks of department stores. Polka dots and stripes are in and olive drab is O-U-T. We’re seeing these beautiful colors everywhere, from shoes to nail polish to throw pillows. I for one am thrilled with all the color. Hello amethyst, good bye beige.

Are you afraid of color? Don’t be. Welcome it, and identify the shades that can be worked into your wardrobe. Pair a bright green silk top with an electric blue pencil skirt, or a white blouse with red capris.   Beware that not every shade will work for you. There are a number of hues along the color spectrum. It’s simply a matter of identifying what enhances your hair, eye and skin coloring. The easiest way to identify colors that look good or bad, is to hold them just under your chin while looking in the mirror, and see how your coloring reacts. For instance lime green and most yellows don’t work for me. They turn my complexion sallow. However, electric blue brings out my eyes and make my complexion seem brighter by comparison. Take the time to test this out under both florescent changing room lights, as well as natural light.


Washingtonians, I beg you, put down the conservative black you determinedly wear to work. Put away the greys, which fade into the stone buildings lining the DC streets, and embrace the return of color. Washington is a town slow to embrace new fashion trends. In DC worker bees trudge around in brown suits and taupe shoes – running the country and playing politics. Don’t be the town fashion forgot. Step outside your comfort zone and purchase those melon pumps you’ve been eyeing since March. Pair them with some chunky jewelry and a new periwinkle handbag. You’ll feel perkier and look fresher if you bring a bit of spring into the florescent lights of your neutral beige office.


Bring color into your life, and you will soon find your life full of cheer. You’ll walk with a spring in your step and compliments will abound. Just as warm days pull us outdoors, color can enhance our mood, which increases endorphins. Color = Happy. Start the day right. Put down the tan dress and pull out the cobalt one – and while you’re at it, slip on some sassy red sandals! Step out with pride. Step out with style. Celebrate spring and rejoice with color.