Tempting A New Romance

Exciting News! I joined up with eleven other female writers I’ve met through Blue Ridge Literary Agency to participate in a new blog – Tempting Romance. Twelve of us span the globe and range in age from young twenty-somethings to retirees. All of us write romance novels, or women’s fiction with romantic elements. Some of us write with children running under our feet during the day, and other’s work around their job schedule. A few lucky ducks are retired from their full time jobs, their children have left the nest, and they are now taking up a new profession as full time writers. As a mother with young children and a part-time job I envy the retirees!

I’ll be sharing a blog on January 31st focused on romance and modern technology. The authors will take turns providing our own perspectives on romance, relationships, love, and writing. We’ll also be highlighting new publications that you’ll be sure to enjoy, so book mark Tempting Romance in your browser and visit often.

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