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Exciting news! All of the Karina Cardinal mysteries are now going to be available on the new Scream app. Scream curates a list of the best  voices in speculative and suspense fiction, delivering on chills & thrills. Isabella’s Painting will be the first one released with the rest of the series to soon follow reaching new readers, and providing all readers another place to obtain the series.   The app is free to download onto your phone, tablet, or computer. All books on Scream have a free preview, if you like it, you can purchase the rest of the novel. If you don’t move on and find that page-turner that will make you scream! You can find the app through Google PlayStore, or the Apple app store – Scream by Crazy Maple Studios.


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Ellen B.

Ellen Butler is an award winning author.. She writes page-turning suspense and sexy, sassy romance novels.